Theme Song Video


WCOPA 2020’s Theme Song is “Better When I’m Dancing” by Meghan Trainor as shown below:



You will all be shooting a video of yourselves, which can include your friends, family, etc., singing (lip-synching) and dancing to this video’s music track. We don’t need to hear your voice. The video should be high-energy. Then you will post your videos to Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok any time between now and July 28. You will be adding the hashtag #wcopadance to your post. That way WCOPA will be able to click on the hashtag and watch your videos from among the millions of other videos out there. Then they will curate all those videos of yours and choose the clips that are most appropriate for a final video that will be shown during the Finals and be posted in WCOPA’s YouTube channel and other online video platforms.

To give you an idea of how you will have more chances of getting to the final video, please watch this video and notice how everyone is so animated and having fun. Try to get as many close-ups as possible with faces brightly lit up and smiling! Remember, high-energy!



Be creative! That’s part of the fun.