We are looking for talents to represent Canada at the World Championships of Performing Arts in July 2020 at Anaheim, California, USA in partnership with Disneyland Park! Click or tap here to apply for an audition!

Welcome, Singers ⎪ Dancers ⎪ Models ⎪ Actors ⎪ Instrumentalists ⎪ Variety Artists

Team Canada 2019 has taken home 77 medals in all! Every one of our 16 contestants is a medalist or multi-medalist! (It wasn’t easy, mind you!)  

Above: The entire Team Canada 2019—Contestants, family members, friends, and supporters, flown in from all over Canada.

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At next year’s WCOPA 2020, the Opening Ceremonies and Parade of Nations will be held in Disneyland!

And for this 2019, we just showed the world that CANADA is truly a country of amazing talent!

We are presently assembling another awesome team to represent Canada from July 24 – August 2, 2020 at the 24th World Championships of Performing Arts in Garden Grove, California, USA. Talents from six performing arts: singing, dancing, acting, modeling, instrument playing, and variety arts are getting together and competing for the much-coveted Grand Champion Performer of the World award!

This is the one and only World Talent Olympics! To be included in this contingent is not only an honor for you and your country, it will, more importantly, give you an experience of a lifetime that you will never forget—and it will open doors for you, the likes of which you’ve never even dreamed of. Talk about coming home with gold, silver, and bronze medals, all for doing what you love the best!

Entertainment industry professionals from Hollywood, New York, and Nashville gather at this event yearly to scout for talents for their agencies and companies.

There will be half a million dollars’ worth of scholarships and contracts from the Millennium Dance Complex, New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, New York Film Academy, Indasoul Entertainment, Upscale Records, K.K. Productions, Prime Music, Debbie Allen Dance Academy, and CSM Words and Music.

There will about 70 countries participating in July 2020. It’s going to be, like, Canada versus the Rest of the World!

And—aside from the awards—the experience you’ll get in this 9-day event is going to be one you’ll never forget in your lifetime! Plus the friends you’ll make from all over the world… the opportunities you’ll get… the free boot camps hosted by noted Hollywood trainers and personalities… the music industry contacts you’ll be adding to your network through go-sees… the list goes on and on!

Give yourself a chance to represent Canada in one of the most significant international talent competitions ever!

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Even if you’re not a performing artist, you may know someone who’s one. Only official talent scouts are authorized to recruit potential members of Team Canada.

So, go ahead, open your eyes and ears and become a WCOPA Team Canada Talent Scout!