1. There is such a thing as an “All-Events Pass.”
  2. All contestants automatically have this pass.
  3. This pass allows the bearer to enter any of the hotel ballrooms where events are being held, during the entire 9-day competition.
  4. Those who don’t have this pass cannot enter any of these ballrooms.
  5. The pass is non-transferable, as a photo of the bearer is attached to it.
  6. A companion of the contestant can purchase this pass for $595.

And now, for the promo:

If a contestant pays off the full initial deposit + entry license fee before December 15, 2017, he/she will be eligible for the 3-in-1 All-Events Pass. This is 3 passes for the price of one! In other words, for the same amount of $595, three (3) passes will be granted!

The full initial deposit + entry license fee will have to be paid anyway, so why not do it early in order to avail of this holiday promo? Companions will need a pass anyway because without it they will just be left outside, not being given the chance to witness the competitions, boot camps, and other proceedings taking place inside the ballrooms.

So, in a nutshell (take your pick):

⦿ one (1) All-Events Pass (1 person) = $595.

⦿ three (3) All-Events Passes (3 persons) = $595 x 3 = $1,785.

⦿ one (1) 3-in-1 All-Events Pass (3 persons) = $595: available only for contestants with initial deposit + entry license fee paid off before December 15, 2017.

And by the way, the $595 doesn’t have to be paid right away. The contestant’s name will only be recorded as one who has paid his/her dues before the deadline of December 15, 2017. The contestant’s name will then be entered into the database and he/she will then be entitled to avail of this 3-in-1 All-Events Pass when the time comes for it to be purchased.

Please contact your Licensed Official Scout or Regional Director for more information. Alternatively, you can email the National Director at